Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 11- Toro to Granja de Moreruela

It's funny how the days when you feel the worst can turn out to be some of the best. Waking up in Toro this morning to the sound of our alarm clock all we wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep. Ten days in a row of cycling and our bodies were starting to protest.....stiff legs, sore shoulders and just general tiredness. But we are on a mission! So up we got and continued on our day as usual. Well NEARLY as usual. We went downstairs to the hostal lobby where our bikes were kept and were greeted with a very flat rear tyre on my bike! Our first flat for the trip!

Ben fixing the flat
Once we got moving we actually started to feel really good! Lucky for us the day started with some rolling hills and long flat sections where you could just put it in a high gear and push through. Felt awesome on the legs! We also got to follow the river Duero, cycling between fields of sunflowers and corn.


The first town we passed through, Villalazan was pretty sleepy, but it did have this awesomely tacky castle that you could rent complete with statues and your very own temple. Very funny! We stopped in the main part of town to fill our water bottles and a local groundskeeper filled them up from the sprinkler mains!

Ben and his castle
Riding into Zamora was pretty impressive. Another roman bridge crossed by bike! We stopped for second breakfast and coffee.


Coffee....very important
Not long after Zamora we entered the small town of Roales del pan. Third breakfast was had :-D We also came across a garden a local man had made by hand as a sort of dedication to the camino and the pilgrims. He was very adamant that we come inside and have a look and he was very happy to tell me he had made it all and show me the horse he was currently working on.


The rest of the day was amazing! Lovely dirt trails that were a pleasure to ride, accompanied by magnificent views! We followed a reservoir past the ruined walls of Castrotorafe, a castle of the knights of Santiago. Incredible! So massive!

Coke time! Heading to the local bar


Reservoir with view to Castrotorafe

We have now joined with the Via de la plata which has much better markings and directions!! A nice change
We are now in Granja de Moreruela, a very small town of 369 people. We are staying in the pilgrim albergue which is connected to a bar and only costs €5 a night. We are using the small town as an opportunity to rest and recover and do nothing! (except have a few beers and a LOT of food). All up another 80km done today!

Our accommodations for the night

Feed me!!!

Rancho relaxo

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