Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 7- Tembleque to Toledo

Day 7 and we are into the rhythm! Feels great each day to be on the bike and the body is responding well!

It was a slow start this morning. We got lost getting out of Tembleque (which is often the case getting out of towns in the dark) and spent an hour looking for the correct route. The problem was that there are actually three routes of the camino that leave from Tembleque and they all go different directions! Once we were on the right trail it was all go!

We headed off towards Mora, trailing through the most amazing olive groves I have ever seen! Mora is the largest olive growing region of Castilla La Mancha. We rode through a single grove for over 10km and there must have been at least another 20km! You could not see the end in any direction you looked. Olive trees are my favourite so I was in heaven.



When we got to Mora the plan was to stop for a coffee and some toast with olive oil to sample the local olives. Plans changed though when Ben saw a churrerria! He has wanted churros con chocolate for breakfast the whole time we have been here so it had to happen!


It seems the sugar high sent him a bit loco though....

Especially when he got to do his favourite chore, cleaning and re greasing the chains.

The bag over his hand is a bread packet which was called pan de pueblo, so now it is known as the pueblo glove. It is totally gross. I think we are just spreading the grease.

We went through many smaller towns today, most of them with castles! Made for some great views.


The best views of all though we as we were descending into the valley of Toledo. Incredible mansions and magnificent views of the city as we skirted the mirador trail around and down into the city. Something we will never forget!



An awesome day. Ended up at 75km, which I have to say is much nicer than the 90 we have been doing of late! Arriving in Toledo with our bikes was a bit stressful as it is a major tourist town and it was difficult to find a place to stay, and somewhere that would let us have the bikes inside. We eventually found an awesome place! A pilgrim posada with a shared kitchen and laundry between four bedrooms and super cheap! It even has WIFI! Then we managed to find an awesome place for lunch and had a three course feast. So good!



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